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12 colored Strips which represent the 12 signs of the zodiac. The lords of each sign will be displayed for you.

12 coloured strips represent the 12 signs of the Zodiac and on navigating the mouse over these will display the months in which Sun visits the 12 signs.

12 Signs are classified as Male Female, Positive Negative.

12 Signs and its attributes or properties are displayed here.

12 Signs are differentiated by being Northern or Southern.

Equinoctial and Tropical Signs amongst the 12 Signs

12 Signs and their distinction as Fire, Earth, Air and Water Signs

Movable, Fixed and Common of the Zodiac.

Barren, Fruitful, Semi-fruitful Signs.

The types of Signs being Violent, Human, Voice, Mute etc.

Bestial and Dual Signs amongst the 12 signs of the Zodiac

Signs being of Short Ascension and Long Ascension.

Life-Identity, Material Wealth, Relations- Sharing, Emotions allocated to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.

Self Starting, Control and Manage, Change and Improvement as characteristics of the 12 Signs.

What each Sign Implies in comparison with corresponding houses.

What each Sign Implies in comparison with corresponding houses with additional significance.

Badhak Signs for each Sign when considered as an ascendant or otherwise when the point of reference is a specific house.

Navigate over the colored strips representing Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury from left to right. The name of the planet and the allocated Vimshottari Dasha years are displayed.

Planet Key-Words are displayed when you move the mouse over the colored strips that are allocated to  Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in an order from left to right.
The 12 Zodiac signs shown in a circular mode where E is the Eastern Horizon where the ascendant is located. Aries is the first Sign referenced as 1. The span of any sign is 30 degrees. Outer sectors on this circular chart are the 27 stars allocated to Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

One set of  stars owned by the 9 planets are arranged in a cyclic manner in the signs 1 to 4 which equals 120 degrees. Ketu Star is at the start of Sign 1-5-9 then Venus star in 1-5-9 and lastly a part of Sun Star in 1-5-9 Signs. The 2nd set of stars are allocated from Sign 5 to 8 and the last set of stars are allocated from Sign 9 to 12. Use the mouse to explore the 27 stars and the 12 signs.

The area occupied by each sign is referenced as a house that is contained in the sign. The Sign equaling a house is just to make it simple. In reality it is never equal.
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The Ascendant: It is an interactive tool, the first label referenced as  Aries when clicked, displays Aries as the Ascendant. If you click on TAURUS which is House-2 then you have selected Taurus as the Ascendant and all other Signs on the 12 houses are changed  or re-ordered to reflect your selection.

The sign and house label is followed by 3 colored strips each of them represents a Star allocated in the sign. The length of this colored strip is proportional to 13degrees and 20minutes or 800 minutes in a 30 degree span of the house / sign.

On Navigating over these colored strips the names of the planet as owner of the star, the number of dasha years allocated to each star and the name of the star  is displayed. The color scheme used is uniform hence you can easily get used to the planets associated with each color.

The Ascendant can be reset to display Aries as the Ascendant by a left-click of the mouse on the portion just below the colored strips which changes color from Silver to Magenta.
In this object select the Dasha you desire then the Bhuktis of each planet are displayed  in months. As an example Left-Click on Ketu which is the first colored strip. You will notice that the top-most label now displays DASHA-Ketu 7 Years. The bhuktis explained below when added will equal to 84 months.

In Ketu Dasha the following Bhuktis will be followed in a cyclic manner as per the order shown below.

Bhukti of Ketu is 4.9 months.
Bhukti of Venus is 14 months.
Bhukti of Sun is  4.2 months.
Bhukti of Moon is 7 months.
Bhukti of Mars is 4.9 months.
Bhukti of Rahu is 12.6 months.
Bhukti of Jupiter is 11.2 months.
Bhukti of Saturn is 13.3 months.
Bhukti of Mercury is 11.9 months.