This site holds information suitable for persons needing entry level KPAstrology support with basic information by way of interactive objects made in flash for easy understanding.
The highlighted part on the 5th house is the starting point in the dasha system. The first dasha will be of Moon, followed by Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun.

The point at which the dasha starts is highlighted with yellow. The Co-owner at that point is Saturn in the dasha of Moon, Mars, Rahu and a part of Jupiter dasha. This Co-owner is the Guardian Lord for the dasha periods of Moon, Mars, Rahu and a part of Jupiter dasha.

In the other part of the Jupiter dasha the guardian lord changes over to Jupiter and shall remain as jupiter till Mercury dasha is completed. In Ketu dasha the guardian lord changes to Mars till a part of the Sun dasha, the balance part of Sun dasha has Venus as the guardian lord.

This guardian lord decides the status, the life style and ones achievements beginning from the birth to the end of life. The analysis of these guardian lords shall explain the events in ones life and life-time.
Guardian Lords