The objective of this site is to empower users of our tools and or services to understand the modality of events in their life. It will help to know yourself better as and when you grasp the subject. The Interactive Click-Learning Tools are supposed to make learning easy and interesting. All the Interactive objects displayed on this site will help you in a active mode as it avoids the passive nature of lengthy prose.  If you soak yourself into the subject then it is likely to give results earlier than expected by you, thereby surpassing your expectations and anxiety.

The idea of empowering users to understand their life events first and then exploring the events in the lives of those nearest to them is the easiest way of getting a grip on the subject. If you ponder for a while and think hard about events, then they are simply a stage in life whereas our point of view lays stress on your life between events or the quality factor while you reach the destination.

The focus should be on the Need-To-Know, How-and-Why and lastly on When of all events. Once you review your chart you have to understand that all the planets are specific to your chart and are very personal to your innermost desires, wishes or hidden aspects only known to you.

The motive is to understand the cause and effects of actions and events happening as a part of your daily existence. Self Analysis and Event Analysis is based on Krishnamurti paddhati or KP and Vimshottari Dasha Paddhati or TimeLine.

The Inferences drawn after using these two in combination and the Interactive Click-Learning Tools which are introduced at this site are all grouped and referenced to reflect all our efforts as Shrikrishna Paddhati - SKP. These inferences and the Learning-Tools are unique as they provide an insight into the modality of events based on interactions to improve the overall understanding of Astrology.

It will be relevant at this point to explain why this site lacks any references to religious graphics or overtones of the same as we sincerely feel that such objects which impart a sense of fear, awe or respect are purely private in nature and should belong or reside with you. The word All-Mighty reveals that all are mighty and the word GOD is visualized by us as being the Gravity Of Desire, obviously if one is more the overall is less.

Astrology is all about Inside Information, more about the self which drives one and all, at some point in time to explore ways and means of knowing in advance the events or the flow of ones life pattern.

We are trying to propagate a Do-It-Yourself or DIY approach which is not a traditional training method or a classroom approach with scheduled lessons to be completed within a certain time frame. All your past events are the Key to understanding future events. It is more like learning from your history to reach for your own future.
Overview of Astrology
This site holds information suitable for persons needing entry level KPAstrology support with basic information by way of interactive objects made in flash for easy understanding.