Column-1 & Row-1 are the reference cells. If you wish to know which house will be the house of gains or the 11th house of your 2nd house, follow along Row-2 from the left & look for H-11 along the top row. You will find house-12 as the one which will provide for a healthy financial position & a happy family environment. It then becomes mandatory on your part to invest your resources or expend yourself so as to gain on those fronts. If the lord of the 12th house is weak or there are no planets in its stars or any planet occupying the 12th house without any planet in its stars would imply that the 12th house is not strong and so effectively the 2nd house results will be average. The lord of such a house and or any planet occupying the 12th house will, from the house occupied provide for through its star-lord a limited set of effects.
House Matrix
Relative House Matrix depicting the remapped houses or Rotation of the Houses