Vimshottari Dasha
The label Dasha years will display the total dasha period of the selected planet.

Vimshottari Dasha is also known as the Time-Line and is designed to represent an imaginary progressed moon by time division method.

The dasha begins with the star-lord of moon which is the first Dasha-lord then follows in a specific order as displayed in the adjacent images.
Planetary actions as a Dasha Lord
The mode of action of planets is through its owned houses and the results they shall produce is through the houses they occupy. They shall also influence the houses owned by the sign lord in which they are placed apart from the house / bhava occupied by them.

Rahu & Ketu shall represent, the Sign-lord, Bhav-lord, Star-Lord and the planets aspecting them or conjoined with them or placed as co-occupants of a house with other planets. They shall give results of the concerned houses or planets by proxy in their own periods and sub-periods.

In any specific dasha imagine that the dasha lord as the Star-lord and find the planets placed in its stars at birth. These planets through its placement and its owned houses are the source of results and the dasha lord being the Star-lord himself shall contribute through the house it was placed in at birth and through its owned houses. The Cusps placed in the Stars of the Dasha lord are also to be considered in visualising the events.

If there are no planets placed in the stars of the dasha lord then the dasha lord will give the exclusive  results of its own star-lord as per its placement and its owned houses.

The results of the planets for the full dasha period will be based on its relative merits, depending upon how planets relate with other houses. This is to be applied for the two possibilities described above in pairs for the source planet as well as its star-lord.
Future is ours to see
Dasha Reports
Time-Line or the Dasha reports are again having a lot of options to select from.Moon is the basis of Vimshottari-Dasha.

It represents the Moon in a Sign / House / Star / Sub / Sub-Sub in your chart.

Star, Sub & Sub-Sub are the Dasha, Bhukti & Anthra lords respectively.

Dasha can be based on all the 7 planets + 2 nodes  and the 12 cusps.
Vimshottari Dasha