The Placidus cusps yields an unequal division of houses and the span of each cusp overlaps into the next sign whereas the allocated stars in the divided signs has a sign-lord of its own but the cusp lord at the start of the cusp is considered as the overall owner of the cusp and its span.

We deviate at this point and introduce the concept of Co-owner of the house as the sign-lord in whose sign the star is allocated needs his or her own guardian to supervise the work allocated to that section of life. In effect a house may have many co-owners due to the placidus system.

In the table below you will notice on the 1st cusp we will have 2 owners due to the division of the stars arising due to the cusp of 1st house being located in the middle of a sign. In effect
Sun and Mercury shall become the Co-owners of the 1st house. Likewise each cusp has co-owners, due to this division or sharing of ownership results will be modified. This is a part of Shrikrishna Paddhati -SKP.
Co-Owners of the Cusp