Inside Information: Astrology is a means of trying to know the unknown. The ways and means of predicting are as numerous as one would like to encourage due to our native desire to know. The future has been predicted in many different ways all over the world. We prefer a refinement to Astrology as propounded by Shri K. S. Krishnamurti and his Krishnamurti Padhati.

How it Started: It all started on May 12, 1999 when for reasons unknown the author had a persistent nagging thought or feeling of some problem yet to occur over a period of 15 days before the actual event. The event took shape on the said date. The pre-monition of an impending problem with the waiting period and its agony was too much. This needed to be rectified which resulted in this project of wanting to know the unknown and the how and why of events.

The objective: The defined objective being the need to know needs a starting point so you start reviewing all the information that is available through printed books or the internet. Information of any type and of different streams like Vedic and or western concepts is important to create a formal background of the basic concepts, try to imagine that you are visualising a object without a background then its flatness becomes obvious. The lack of depth due to the absence of a background is prevalent in all aspects of learning process, especially so at the starting point.
Event Analysis
Dasha Decides for All: The life and times are being ruled by the Vimshottari Dasha or the time-line is a fact which is validated by all those involved with the subject. If a person tries to evaluate the chart of a prospective client based on the clients Dasha then the dasha of the person predicting or analysing such charts needs to be favourable to give correct predictions. It is worth pondering over this interactive relative phenomenon.

If you deserve to Know: This is being stated due to such experience in periods relating to health issue one does not review the chart even if having done research on the subject on a daily basis. On second thoughts it is mechanism by way of which you suffer or undergo that what you have to. It could be that streak of the allmighty designer who decides what and when, one can know. This could be a probable explanation so as to suggest that one needs to check the mutual dashas and then offer to predict.

Din-Varsha: Dashas are the projected flow of moon through all the stars in the signs based on the number of years allocated to each star. The total being 120 years. The concept of Din-Varsha ie. each day after the birth represents 1 year of life hence the first 120 days from the birth date shall give information as to the how and why of events. Using KP it becomes easy to review this concept as the sub or sub-sub will  definetly change for each day that you advance. The birth chart represents day one and year one for you.
Dasha Reports: The Time-Line or the Dasha reports are again having a lot of options to select from. Vimshottari Dasha Paddhati is the de-facto standard used by all. Moon is the basis of Vimshottari-Dasha or the Time-line which represents the presence of Moon in a specific Sign / House / Star / Sub / Sub-Sub in your chart. The Star, Sub & Sub-Sub are the Dasha, Bhukti & Anthra respectively. More of this is explained and discussed in other pages.

The Dasha could be based on Moon alone or all the 9 entities and the 12 cusps. It again could vary by allocation of differential years to each planet. It can keep on changing as per the ancient texts or depending on the end use of an imaginative user.

After Effects: If you analyse the after effects of reading such reports, since you are fresh with the subject, you could be satisfied with the end and the means, is one set of scenario then you need not read further, the other scenario being that of left with a feeling of wanting something more usefull in practical terms.

Expectations: All this may have failed to service your needs or requirements as you may have been expecting more from the software or from the computing power available with you. If you sincerely apply your mind to your basic desire in the first place then you should realise that no amount of computing power can provide a spatial visualisation in a textual or graphical mode as a report because you need to process all this information within the constraints imposed by the limits of your imagination.
Research Mode: The basics of any subject has to be learned in a research mode by seeking information, may be the information could be primary in nature or with exhaustive details. The application or usage of this information would then become the next objective in time. If one does serious research then you will have scanned through numerous rules which are again interdependent on other set of rules. In short one gets confused with the nested rules and the overall impression or the after taste will not be pleasant.

The first Step: If you have a liberal frame of mind then you would try and find a software tool which has in place or have implemented all such rules in part or full depending on the version you are inclined to pursue for your convenience. The amount of time and energy invested so far has conditioned you to select one of the many available tools. You will now have taken the next imperative step of buying the tool. Imagine that you are now a proud owner of a tool with all the research options enabled.

The Reports: The time has now arrived for you to input all the primary parameters into the software tool. As a proud owner you explore and select all available options for generating the reports. The first time over you read all the reports literally and may like some parts and decide to skip the difficult to digest statements. The reports give conditional statements and relative merits of the placement of planets in houses or signs and their dependency on each other, additional references to aspects or Drishti's modifying the end result may also be mentioned.
Half Step: If you are not liberal enough to buy a software tool then you would choose to buy a comprehensive report from such service providers and then choose to ponder over the volume of self information based on your earlier research efforts. The two scenarios still have the same end but you could be left with a smaller hole in your pocket and wiser to some extent.

What Next: A literal dead end is now the outcome of all your efforts, is a common frame of mind we all undergo at some point during our lifetime. Hope, attempts and persistence  are the cure and remedies for all such situations. If you are inclined to re-think then you could continue reading further and get involved once again with this subject.

Through the Mill: You are not the only one who has undergone this trauma in time. The author himself has passed through all the stages of evolution as described above and would like to share the outcome of his research with you provided you have the inclination and time.

SAP: Is a Simple As Possible approach, here the following statements are an assumption to explain the concepts in an imaginative way. The primary assumption is that a family has 4 members in all to begin with, parents, a sibling and you. In your chart the 1st house is yourself, other active houses are the 4th house representing the mother, Sibling by the 3rd house and the father by 9th house in KP whereas the 10th house is suggested by others.
Apply the Linear Rule: This linear rule being applied to all entities minimises the confusion and gives direction to the user to try and reach  the next mile-stone. Let us now recap the resultant inferences and effects. A planet in a House / Sign thereby is more powerfull than the owner of the House / Sign. In other words the occupant as the source of events through its owned houses is powerfull than the owner of the House / Sign. In a similar case the planet in a star is more powerfull than its Star-Lord to provide for the effects of the owned houses of the star-lord. The planet occupying such a star has contributed the effects of its owned house to the star-Lord and through its owned houses.

Cusp Controllers: The Cusp controllers are the Sign-Star-Sub, of these the Star-Lord is important as it defines the event for that Cusp / House. The Sub-Lord has the power to negate the effects proposed by the same house and has the final authority. In such a scenario if a planet is occupying the house under consideration it may occupy any of the stars in the span of that house and it will also be in a specific Sub, the effects of such a planet then should be finally under the control of the cusp Star-Lord and Sub-Lord and if they support then the occupying planet can perform to its optimum potential.

Why you are Different: Cusps are important as they the are ones which change in time and are faster than the planets and they are the ones which can differentiate between co-borns and the events in their lifetime. Since we are trying to understand a concept let us postpone the arguments over the correctness of the birth time and the validity of the same to avoid an argumentative frame of mind. The planets position may not change at the Sub-Lord level for the co-borns. It could change at a higher levels.

The Levels: The 1st level of division of a Sign is the Star, 2nd level is the Sub, the 3rd is Sub-Sub, the 4th is SS4, 5th is SS5, 6th level is SS6, or more levels will add to more details to the planets and the cusps. Let us synchronise with the 2nd level ie. the Sub for now and continue and explore the path to the next milestone.

The Action Significators: Significators of a house are the planets which are placed in the stars of the occupants of a house. The planet itself, occupying the said house. Planets in the Stars of the owner of the house and finally the Lord of the house are all termed as the significators of the house. They give good results for the said house provided the Sub portion occupied by them is a significator of good houses. The good and bad effects are relative to ones perception of the same. The good and bad are termed as benefic and malefic effects.
Cause and Concern: The authors understanding is that house 1, 4, 7, 10 are the cause and concern in ones chart.  1st being the self, 4th the mother, 7th the wife and 10th should represents the father as it is 7th to the mothers house. All contentious issues should be tackled in time so lets skip the problem for this time and continue with our SAP approach.

Interactions: As a member of the said family your active houses are 1, 4, 10 & 3 respectively. You have learned to understand and anticipate the interactions amongst each other from their past responses and reactions. You surely know how each one will respond with you due to your actions or lack of the same. This construes as knowledge acquired through interactive experience. If you are able to patch the same analogy to your own Chart which is based on planets and cusp instead of real life examples then you need to understand the planetary interactivity as percieved with real life family members.

Past reveals the Future: All this is possible by analysis of past events whch help you to visualise your future actions and reactions like an interactive experience with your family members explained or experienced earlier. A few past events and its analysis is all that it takes to get a grip on the event model. The other percieved use is of Self Analysis by way of which one can understand the why and how of events that happen to you in your lifetime. If you try and analyse all the houses and its Cusps based on linear parameters or rules as prescribed by Krishnamurti Paddhati, then a comfort feeling can be expected reasonably earlier than other methods.
KP Introduction: The concepts of KP are also explained in depth on other pages but an additional explanation would be of interest to the readers. 7-Planets, 2-Nodes and the 12-Cusp, are the 21 entities of primary concern to us.

Resolve by Parts: The 12-Signs are together allocated 27 Nakshatras or Stars hence each sign is allocated 27/12 stars and each star is having a span of 360 degrees / 27 or 800 minutes. This is the basic traditional approach to create sections in each sign so as to infer a specific effect or event. The stars in each sign are being owned by other planets. The only exceptions are Jupiter and Sun as they have their own star in their own signs. All other planets as Lords of specific signs do not have their owned stars in the signs alloted to them.

It takes two: It simply means that a house event cannot be triggered by the owner of the sign alone but it needs two to create such an eventuality. If one studies the allocation of stars in signs then your depth of event analysis will improve substantially. The allocation of stars in Signs has been in existence well before KP. The modality or concept of this distribution of stars has been improved upon based on the computation of the Vimshottari Dasha system to create smaller sub sections in each star based on the number of years allocated to each planet in the Dasha system.
Trigger Key-Words: How to go about learning would obviously be the next question in your mind. In order to simplify the process you need a set of Key-Words for the 7-Planets, 2-Nodes, 12-Signs and 12-Houses. Planet specific Key-words will simplify your task as they will trigger a picture in your mind about the cause and effects based on from which sign or from which house they act or project the event. Similar set of key-words specific to 12-houses should trigger a picture of the contents.

Picture Key-Words: If you need to get started earlier then all key-words need to be in your permanent memory and your thinking should be tuned to it in such a way that if you see a picture or an image then the specific key-word should pop-up literally. In short your involvement with the subject is mandatory for your own understanding.

Planets & The Signs: Once the key-words are completed then you have to understand the ownership of Signs allocated to the 7-Planets. Except for Sun & Moon the other 5-planets have been allocated 2 signs each. The logic and the order of distribution of the 12-Signs need your attention as to how and why. All the properties and or attributes of the signs would be next logical step.  Rahu & Ketu do not own any specific Sign but they represent all those who can be identified as related to them. In fact they are said to represent your past life's balance sheet carried forward into the current life.
Atlast the Sub: The word Sub has latched on as the basis of precision in KP. It is very obvious that in a Sign of 30 degrees or 1800 minutes span, a star is 800 minutes, and 2-1/4 stars are allocated to each sign hence the level of precision was only to this extent but if you sub-divide 800 minutes across 7-Planets and 2-Nodes then precision is in place to explain within those 800 minutes.

Action Ladder: The 21 entities referenced earlier now have more parameters to explain their actions. The base level is the Sign-Lord, then comes the lord of the star and finally the lord of the Sub. So a transiting or the birth planets actions are represented by Sign-Star-Sub, this is a linear mode in top down order.

Linear Rule: This mode is applied to all the 21 entities. All the cusps with their repective Sign-Star-Sub shall denote the designed events for each house. The Sign-Lord defines the overall nature of the house, the Star-Lord gives more information concerning events for the house. The Sub-Lord by its ownership of the houses shall define whether the events of that house shall be favourable or not. In all such analysis their respective placements in the chart will modify the results.
Dasha Degrees: Dasha Degrees is a concept where 120 years of the dasha years are equated to 120 degrees and then 1 degree is allocated to each year. If the Dasha degrees are then added to the degrees of all the 7-planets, 2-Nodes at the first instance, then one can visualise that all the global entities in your chart then become person specific, you can see them changing the cusps in time and can thus explain events. In this scheme you can exercise a choice of using the moon alone or all of them.

Dasha Degrees & KP: Once we can represent the Time-Line or the Vimshottari Dasha in terms of degrees then Dasha Transits and finding and using the Star-Lord Sub-Lord technique in KP based on the Dasha degrees is illuminating.

Dasha Degrees at work: One does not need any computing power as all you have to do is add the number of years to each planet and see in which house they will move to in your birth chart based on the birth cusps. It can be comfortably used to do a spot analysis in the absence of any tools.

Star and Sub: In other pages we have given a single page table which can be used to find the Star and sub based on KP number system to explore the dasha degree concept. This is again a deviation from the prescribed KP norms.

Extended Dasha Degrees: Dasha Degrees have been extended further by equating the allocated number of years to each planet as the equivalent degrees, so moon or any entity gets a proportional span in terms of degrees corresponding to the number of years allocated to each of them. Add these to the birth planets position and use as dasha transit in the birth chart. Again the star-lord and sub-lord of the new positions can explain to an imaginative mind. The extended dasha degrees are an exact representation of the dashas. This is again a deviation from the prescribed KP norms.
Cusp Controllers in Transit: The author gives importance to the Cusp Controllers as they are the ones who support or negate an event in Transit. In Transit evaluate all the Dasha Lords for their effects by their respective Star-Lords and Subs and note down the event houses as one set of observations.

Check the Star and Sub: Then if you check the Cusps where each of these lords is in transit and note what the Cusp Star Lord and the Cusp-Sub-Lord indicate then you can understand more of the why, how or why not of events. This exercise should be attempted first on ones past events and then do the same in realtime by noting your innermost desires and see if you experience satisfaction or not while monitoring the Cusp Controllers.

Reuse-Rules: The same rules are used for the 7-planets, 2-Nodes and the 12 cusps which are exclusively yours alone whereas the planets & nodes are global in nature and have to serve all.

Do It Yourself: The use of the Cusp-controllers by the propounder was for obtaining a Yes or No for an answer. If you are inclined to experiment and have the time, then by using ones imagination you can improve the subjective understanding by performing a self analysis, which is the only way to understand your motivations and inclinations.

Other End of the Cusp: In event analysis there comes a time when you need to understand the concept of Co-Owners of the House. Since the Cusp can start anywhere in the 30 degree span of the house and since Nakshatra or the Star is an allocated part of the sign then how does the other Sign-Lord becomes redundant.
End is the beginning: It does not become redundant as any planet in such a star is under the rule of the sign-lord hence we have explored with events to conclude that the other Sign-Lord be termed as the Co-Owner of the House. The Cusp-Lord is the one at the start of the cusp and as per the span of the house the other Sign-Lords are active in forming the contents of the house. These can be proved while analysing events with the use of Vimshottari Dasha or the Time-Line.

Co-Owners of House: As an example imagine that cusp-1 starts in one of the Venus Signs and spills over into Mars sign at the end of the house. Such a person will display both the traits of Mars as well as Venus depending upon the house occupied by them and their Star-lords and subs and also if planets are occupying the stars of Mars and Venus. If you have the inclination and the time then do try and explore with the same set of rules as defined by Shri K. S. Krishnamurti to the extent of Star-lord and the Sub-lord only. The use of the cusp controllers in Transit is an additional feature which is observed to work by us.

Vimshottari Dasha: Let us now focus on reviewing the basis of the Vimshottari Dasha or the Time-Line and do some conceptual value addition to the system. Moon is the essential component of the dasha system. Moon when in a Sign, occupies a Star and a further Sub portion of that star. The Star-Lord is then called the Dasha Lord whereas the Sub-Lord becomes the Bhukti-Lord.

Guardian-Lord of Dasha: Imagine as if Moon is in the first house under the primary  lordship of the House / Sign and is also in the very first star in that house. We have named this lord as the Guardian-Lord of the Dasha even though one could easily refer to it as the Lord of the house wherever Moon happens to be.
Dasha flow: The Dasha of that star continues for the allocated number of years then the Dasha of the next star in that house commences followed by the Dasha of the 3rd star. In all these 3 Dashas our Guardian lord remains the same or may change in the last portion of the house. A part of this 3rd Dasha will continue into the house-2 where the Guardian-Lord will change and the 2nd house lord will take the role of the guardian lord.

Guardian Lord & Dasha flow: In short if Moon is in the first house the Guardian-Lords in the lifetime will be the lords of houses 1 to 4 as a total of 9 stars and their respective Dashas will amount to 120 years the sum total of all the years allocated to the Dashas. So the Guardian Lords position in the Chart based on KP can be used to understand the chart and life pattern and the flow of events. If these Guardian-Lords are not favourably placed from their respective houses then the Dashas contained in that house will naturally differ with the expected results or could be causing overall loss or equal loss and gains and for the fortunate ones only pure gains.

Quality of life and Guardian Lord: We can draw inferences to the qualitative extent by knowing from which house the life begins. If moon is in house 12 then depending on the extent of the sub occupied by moon and also in which star it is placed one can safely understand how long the the guardian-lord as the lord of the house-12 can cause loss or distress to the person. As the dasha changes and the Guardian-Lord is the lord of the first house then all self related events become important provided the contained dasha lords are again well placed with respect to the first house. Here the Guardian-Lord and the contained Dasha-Lords both have to agree to be benefics.
Event Triggers: The action of planets in the respective Dashas as prescribed is based on the effects sanctioned by the Star-Lord of the Dasha-Lord signifying a set of houses, the sub portion occupied by the Dasha-Lord defines the good or bad based on the sub being a significator of good houses.
Focus on the Dasha Lord : In real life terms, imagine that you are the head of the family in your own house. If you are strong and committed then your rule for the good of all is a happy scenario. The other side being that you are either employed or are in business then your star-lord in the first case is your employer and in the second case is your client.

Action Reaction: Imagine that the members in your house represent the scenario of the family members being placed in your star in other words you are their star-lord. In real life these are simultaneous situations and my best guess is that the family members in your stars will get the highest priority to structure your frame of mind and it may depend on the time you can allocate to each scenario. The primary focus will be the family members in your star which defines your horizons and the milestones you need to cover as an obligatory duty or love for the same.

Dasha Lords Priorities: In any given dasha the dasha lord will give priority to all those planets placed in its stars and the houses owned by the occupying planet will construe as the source of events along with the houses occupied by those planets. In turn the Dasha-lord will also service the demands placed by his own star-lord. This again is a simultaneous situation. In a situation when more planets are placed in the stars of the Dasha-lord you can safely expect an active dasha with more events and the exact opposite will be when no planets are placed in the star of the dasha- lord then the dasha lord will give full support and perform to the dictates of his star-lord alone. This could amount to a stable period in ones life with no major changes being expected.

Deviations: This is again a deviation from the prescribed norms but which has been experienced in real life in the course of Event Analysis. A similar line of thinking could be applied to the bhukti-lord to understand the nature and type of events.
Power of the Star-Lord and Sub-Lord: The owned houses of the planet as a Star-lord or Sub-Lord stand modified if its houses are occupied. If such a planet has planets in its stars then results are further modified by such planets placed in the stars of the planet under consideration. Such modified results can be expected in the Vimshottari Dasha when the related period lords follow in the specified order in time.

Learn to relate: In a 3 level Dasha your focus has to be on only the 3 period lords and their interacting relations and or dependencies. In real time transit you can experience a cross relationship based on the sign, star or sub. If you are able to cross check with your mental picture or your thought process with the Dasha lords in transit then you have reached a stage in self analysis and thereby the events. It is worth noting and then reviewing daily events to sharpen your understanding and in time you can master the concept, simply by doing it yourself.

Having used it: The author has tried this technique when an event relating to an expected Cheque on a specific date, the clients staff calls up and informs that the cheque be collected a day earlier. The staff member was requested to check again and he came back saying that an error was noticed in the year of issue  of cheque and since the authorised signatory was not available it would be available only the next day.

Using the technique: The other experiments conducted were with Stocks, in selecting which ones are suitable for the current dasha period and the duration of holding them. The portfolio analysis is another interesting event to try and understand why you have what you have in stocks.

Active Cusps: In transit if you plot the current cusps based on the birth charts reference Cusp, then the Current Cusps will occupy houses with reference to the Birth Cusps. These active cusps with their Cusp-Controllers are to be treated as additional 12 entities. The Cusp which occupies House-1 with its controllers relays information about the mental frame-work or the state of the Mind. Active Cusp-1 would always be the Current ascendant based on the users location. Likewise each active cusp will occupy some house to relate a story for that house. At times none of the Current Cusps would be occupying a house and some houses would have multiple cusps in them. An active imagination could un-fold a picture for you as these active cusps are faster than the planets. These active cusps will obviously explain the current activity. If you learn to relate with all these entities then as stated earlier Events are yours to See.
The end use of kpastrology apart from individual predictions of life events  is the development of KP-Graphs for the use of Sentiment Analysis which can be used to monitor external events as the graphs are based on planets in transit.

KP-Graphs can be used to monitor 11 major World Indices of Stock Markets and 7 commodities like ALUMINIUM, LEAD, ZINC, COPPER, GOLD, SILVER,  NICKEL, NATURAL GAS, CRUDE OIL.

Day trading in 11 major world Indices is now available to you. We have KP-Graphs of NZ50 of New Zealand, AORD of Australia, N225 of Japan, KS11 of South Korea, TWII of Taiwan, SSEC of China, HSI of Hong Kong, NIFTY of India, FTSE of United Kingdom, GDAXI of Germany, DJI of USA all are available for Intraday trading or Day trading based on the said index Options or Index futures. Plan your intraday trading strategies based on KP-Graphs and improve your trading success.
Cusp Sub-Lord: If the sub-Lord of the first cusp is not the significator of the house-1 then such a person will not be concerned much about self and the primary focus will be on the houses signified by the sub-lord.

Projections: If the star-lord is the lord of the 12th house, no planet is occupying the 12th house but this star-lord of cusp-1 is placed in house-9  in his own star then the houses signified by this star-lord are 9 & 12. Now if the Sub is placed in 3rd house in his own-star and owns houses 5 & 6 then this sub says more of the projected events of 9 & 12 with that of 3,5 & 6 houses. If we do a visual elimination of opposing houses then house-5 alone will give the overall results based on who occupies and the cusp controllers of house-5. House-5 is also the house of gains of the opponent in this case. Such a person has to give and in giving he creates. The houses 3,6, 9 & 12 will imply a lot a changes in ones lifetime. This happens when such planets come as Vimshottari Dasha period lord, or in the periods or sub-periods of other lords placed in the stars of the cusp controllers.

What is not: We have not touched the subject of Ruling Planets even if they work as they are used to offer predictions to others as an astrologer. The authors focus is only on Self Analysis by way of events and since past events are the main focus Ruling Planets are not considered in our scheme.